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Mind, Body, Money Retreat: Re-write Your Money Story

Rewrite and reclaim your money story in this personal and intimate four-hour retreat focused on Mind, Body, and Money wellbeing. You'll get to know your current money story and release what's no longer serving you through movement and a guided sound bath. After, you'll tap into your inner wisdom and author your new money story and outlook for your life and wellbeing. This retreat will support you in building resilience and empowerment in community. Boxed lunch from Selland's included. Please join us.

Step into your financial power with Mind, Body, Money Retreats


The mission of Mind Body Money Retreats is to empower women financially and to build resilience through community. 



Our goal is to create a kickass retreat where women increase their financial awareness through experiential activities, use movement to heal, and learn new emotional and financial tools to re-write their financial narrative and step into their financial power. 


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Re-writing your money story. 



Females who may be in a life transition or the fear of money is holding them back from changing jobs, evaluating their personal relationship, starting or elevating their business, or creating a new relationship with money and thus, themselves.

This retreat is shame free and does not require a level of financial knowledge. 



October 15th, 2022

Sacramento, CA 

10 am to 2 pm

Lunch included




What to expect




Our mindset determines our financial wellbeing. And mindset shows up in the stories we’ve been told (first family, cultural conditioning, marginalization, trauma, etc) and the stories we tell ourselves—the tapes playing over and over (that have their roots in the stories we’ve been told). 


As a group, we will explore and write our money stories, much like how we would write our autobiography. 


We will see how this money story informs our decisions—good, not so good, neutral. 


Chances are, we will gain insight into stories that no longer serve us. 




What goes on in the mind finds a home in the body—this is certainly the case for our money stories. 


Once we unearth our money stories, our bodies are ready to release them. 


We’ll do conscious, intentional movement to honor the stories and release the parts that aren’t serving us. 


Shake out, yogic stretching, breath work. 




After examining our mindset and listening to and taking care of our bodies, we’ll start to manifest our new money story. 


We’ll write our new money narratives.


Participants will walk away with a candle they can use to revisit their new money mindset and values whenever they need to. They can create a daily or weekly ritual to stay on track. 


Participants will start the process of encountering their money stories in a safe space, processing them with movement, and rewriting a new story as a compass for going forward. 




Early bird pricing: $150 until Sunday, September 30th, 2022. 

$175 until Sunday, October 9th, 2022

$200 until Friday, October 15th, 2022 


Facilitation by three financial wellbeing practitioners

 Connection and healing in community

Lunch and refreshments

Unique spoils and a custom financial empowerment candle



Retreat Leaders


Mariah Hudler, LCSW MBA




Maureen Paley, MSW AFC®


Step into your financial power

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