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Money is Emotional... 

but it doesn't have to be.

This is what I know. Money is not just financial, it is also emotional. To cope with or avoid emotions about money, we create behaviors and patterns, such as, over-spending or hoarding, putting money decisions off, ignoring bills and debt, not saving and/or shutting down when talking about money with our loved ones. This in turn creates patterns and behaviors that leave us stressed, dissatisfied, and hopeless that things can change.


Let's work together... 

towards Financial Health

Where as, financial health is having a balanced, focused relationship with money. It balances the intangibles of money (our history, learned messages, beliefs, and values) with the tangibles (savings, debt, investments). Scroll on to take my Am I Financially Healthy? quiz to learn more.

Having financial health promotes wealth, joy, and increased life satisfaction. That is why I am passionate about financial health and guiding others on their journey. Scroll on to see the different ways we can work together. 


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"My goal when first working with Mariah was to understand why it felt like money slipped through my fingers. Throughout the process, I was able to initiate and maintain a budget, reduce our spending by 1/3, increase our income, and most importantly achieve a feeling of financial control". 


Deborah F. 

"I wasn't sure what type of assistance my husband and I needed in order to be on the same page about money. Finding Mariah opened up so many doors for learning and feeling empowered about our money. We now have a spending plan and talk and make decisions about our financial health on a monthly basis".


Sarah and Grant G. 

"Mariah is excellent at facilitating productive communication around the practical and emotional facets of our financial health. She is able to listen to and interpret our individual experiences in a way that is incredibly encouraging and eye-opening. We left the session feeling more attune to each other as a couple, and more empowered to use our finances as a tool in strengthening our vision of our future together".


YA and JA 



"Working with Mariah, I realized I was rushing into a house, which is good because I definitely was haha now I'm really just grateful for everything I already have in my life, and keep an eye on my spending as to not put myself in any precarious situations moving forward".



Mike G.

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