Build Your Balance
 with Mariah

I believe that being thoughtful in your relationship with money builds your balance both financially and emotionally.


Whether an individual, couple, or entrepreneur, we are ALL in relationships with our money. These relationships can be solid, "meh", or downright toxic.
Whatever the relationship, money spills in to and impacts almost all areas of our lives. If you resonate with this, you are not alone! And, if you are here, you are likely tired, exhausted, scared, curious, or seeking a healthier relationship with money for yourself or your relationship.
I am here to help. Welcome!
Remember, growing up we learned all about personal finance through school, our community, and our family? JK. That likely never happened. Or, that to be successful you had to be good with numbers or get a specific degree?  We have been guided to believe that financial literacy or savvy will bring us wealth and satisfaction. I say NO WAY!




As adults we have access to all the financial tools.  Less so do we know how to have a good relationship with money. So, we may experience:


* living paycheck to paycheck
*money slipping through our fingers
*avoiding money
*comparing ourselves to others
*making impulsive purchases
*difficulty talking to our loved ones about money
*difficulty establishing a relationship based on healthy financial practices
*not protecting our financial interests in marriage
*chasing "enough"
*feelings of not being good enough, shame, guilt, or fear


Let's work

together to build your balance...

In my work as a financial well-being practitioner, I work with you to bring awareness to your relationship with money and then support you to build your balance both financially and emotionally. Scroll down to see how we can work together.



I am also a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW)/psychotherapist who focuses on the intersection of money and emotions. You can find more information about my mental health practice here.  



What to expect


The best place to start is with a 20 minute consultation where we will meet virtually to discuss your needs or concerns.


I will then recommend the best pathway for us to work together. Please scroll on to see my offerings.
If you are not sure about your needs or you want to learn more about my approach, sign up for my monthly e-mail list. 
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Work With Me

Couples Financial Counseling
Premarital Financial Counseling

Are you worried about money affecting your new relationship or your pending marriage? If yes, join other couples who are seeking out premarital financial counseling before money becomes an issue.

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 Financial Therapy

Do you experience stress, anxiety, or fear when thinking about or navigating money?  If so, financial therapy can help you to think, feel, behave, and communicate differently about money.


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Financial  Wellbeing

Are you going through a life transition such as divorce, job loss,  career change or chronic illness and feel financially unbalanced? Join others building their financial resilience in a group or retreat setting.


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"My goal when first working with Mariah was to understand why it felt like money slipped through my fingers. Throughout the process, I was able to initiate and maintain a budget, reduce our spending by 1/3, increase our income, and most importantly achieve a feeling of financial control". 


Deborah F. 

"I wasn't sure what type of assistance my husband and I needed in order to be on the same page about money. Finding Mariah opened up so many doors for learning and feeling empowered about our money. We now have a spending plan and talk and make decisions about our financial health on a monthly basis".


Sarah and Grant G. 

"Mariah is excellent at facilitating productive communication around the practical and emotional facets of our financial health. She is able to listen to and interpret our individual experiences in a way that is incredibly encouraging and eye-opening. We left the session feeling more attune to each other as a couple, and more empowered to use our finances as a tool in strengthening our vision of our future together".


YA and JA 



"Working with Mariah, I realized I was rushing into a house, which is good because I definitely was haha now I'm really just grateful for everything I already have in my life, and keep an eye on my spending as to not put myself in any precarious situations moving forward".



Mike G.

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