Financial Health Consulting 

I consult with individuals, couples, families, small businesses, financial professionals, tech companies, non-profits, and entrepreneurs looking to balance emotion with financial decision making for themselves, their clients, or their businesses.  


Work with me

30 min Consultation


Quick and salty. A 30 min consultation to discuss 1 money related topic that is impacting your life, relationship, or your business. 

New!  The Great Resignation Financial Health and Well-being Consult. 


2021 has been deemed the year of "The Great Resignation". If you are experiencing burn-out, feeling undervalued, stress, and/or anxiety related to your job and want to re-evaluate your priorities in your job and your finances, this session is for you. 

Limited time offer: 10% off. Use coupon code: GREATRESIGN10

90 min Consultation


Salty and sweet. A 90 min consultation that covers 1-2 money related topics that are impacting your life, relationship, or your business. 

Free 20 min consult