Premarital Financial Counseling for Couples


From couples I hear:

"We are starting to talk about marriage and we want to be in front of any money issues".

"We are unsure about how we will navigate money in our relationship".

"We have different views on money. How do we get on the same page?" 

"We have never really talked about money and are not sure we really know how, it makes us worried". 

"We experienced financial stress growing up and we don't want that in our relationship".

"We have different financial backgrounds and are interested in a premarital agreement".


Hi, my name is Mariah and I work with couples to increase marital wealth and life satisfaction through thoughtful communication and being intentional with money. 

No matter what your financial history you deserve and need financial safety and security in your relationship. Additionally, you need to have a clear plan and communication pathways to set and achieve your goals. 


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What is Financial  Wellbeing?

Financial Wellbeing is:

* connecting to your money, past, present, and future, in a transparent and positive way.

* having good communication skills and management tools to help you grow your wealth and deepen your relationship.

* feeling financial trust, transparency, and security in your relationship.

* clarity in how you want to engage with your money, make decisions, and create the narrative of money in your life. 

* confidence in money management, debt and savings, setting and achieving goals, and growing and protecting your wealth.

* bringing joy, wealth, and life satisfaction to your relationship and everyday life.

Premarital Couples Counseling

is for couples who want to  feel connected, clear, and confident about the role of  money in their relationship. They want to communicate freely and effectively about money and use it as a tool to marital wealth and satisfaction.

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Mindful Money Conversations: Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreement Bundle

is for couples who plan to draft a premarital agreement and want a relaxed, thoughtful and facilitated impartial discussion to maximize clarity and minimize lawyer fees. These key conversations reflect premarital agreements so you are ready to sit down with a lawyer.

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