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Enjoy money conversations with your partner. Let me show you how. 


 You, Me & Money:


      A couple’s quick start guide to building financial rhythm


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Talking about finances in your relationship is challenging. This e-guide helps couples start talking about money in a healthy way by building a FINANCIAL RHYTHM in their relationship.

This is not your average financial planning guide. The content is informative and easily digestible with interactive and transformational mindset and communication exercises.  You will create a communication flow, learn how to make decisions to the same beat, and build patterns of lasting wealth and relationship satisfaction.



This book, although designed for couples, easily transfers to you and how to start having a healthy relationship with money. 


Therapists and Financial Professionals!

This book is a great introduction into Financial Therapy. No matter whether you work with individuals or couples, the stories, tips, and exercises are easily transferable to your practice. 


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This 90+ page easy to read e-guide ready for download or delivered to your inbox offers:


Therapeutically informed best practices.

Financial Education.

Communication Techniques.

Interactive worksheets. 

Couples and Money financial health statistics.




About the Author!

Mariah Hudler is a practicing financial therapist, financial life coach & consultant, and speaker in California, USA. She provides services to the US, UK, & NZ.

Her passion is helping couples (and anyone for that matter) live a more congruent, wealthy, and satisfied life through creating a healthy relationship with money.

Mariah is a MSW, Certified Financial Therapist - I™, and a MBA. She is an Enneagram 7 (the Enthusiast) and 9 (the Reformer); an Advocate INFJ; and a Manifesting Generator.


Paul B.

"I think it is a unique take on financial planning that I haven’t seen before. I also like how it provides a framework for a couple to use in the financial planning process. Overall, it was a non-threatening approach to a very sensitive topic that provided numerous therapeutic tools to help along the way. This is the kind of guide that I could see myself using."


I was very fortunate to be able get to tell my story to Mariah. Her money story was an inspiration to me. When I first met my partner four years ago, he forced me to confront my debts and worked with me to hold me accountable. We each realized we had assumptions about one another. Initially I was offended and scared because I didn’t want the judgment. It was the best thing that could happen to me. We worked out a financial goal and budget. We paid off all credit debt, paid cash to make major repairs to the house, started new a business, and increased our income so that we can start on working on our financial independence.

Anna P. 

"First, this is just what my husband & I needed. We just wed and decided to form a partnership 2 years ago, but after being independent and managing my finances on my own for most of my adult life, brought challenges in my marriage. We are not done with it yet as we’re really making an effort to fully make complete use of this handbook by applying it into our daily lives. What I found most helpful, is that at the end of each chapter, you give the counseling tips on how to converse and handle each topic; this really makes for our conversation to be more effective and worthwhile. Overall, I recommend this to new couples like us, who are learning how to manage joint finances."

Download a sample chapter:


Chapter 1: Your Money Story


Chapter Overview: 


  • Your money story is the combination of your history, experiences, and perceptions that shapes the way you view money.
  • How you handle money in everyday life and with your partner is influenced by your money story. 
  • Building awareness around your money story can help you understand your money habits and the root of financial rhythms in your personal life and as a couple. 
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Chapter Descriptions

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