Together in Financial Health 

Financial Health is having a balanced, focused relationship with money. But often we don't think about the relationship we have with money or how it is impacting our financial health. Awakening to your money story, beliefs, and values is foundational, I believe, in changing your financial health for the better.

I blend my education in human development, psychology, and behavior with my business degree to work together with you to achieve connection, clarity, and confidence in your finances personally, or in your business. 

A little bit about me

I have a Master of Social Work from UC Berkeley and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Waikato in New Zealand.  

I have over 17 years of serving and supporting individuals, couples, and businesses working through a change process. 

I have worked and lived on three different continents and appreciate the diversity of how people connect, engage, and learn. 

Over the last few years, I have worked as a financial therapist and have spoken to individuals whose needs fall within a coaching realm, meaning they are not needing an expert to diagnose or treat them related to a mental health disorder. Essentially, they are at a good place but want to work together to get to a great place. Thus, I started offering consulting and coaching to serve those needs. If you want more information about my work as a financial therapist, you can find me at Koru Financial Therapy


I have a passion for financial independence as I believe it brings freedom, choice, and well-being to our lives. I live by and adhere to the principles of financial health, not only to align myself with my work, but to be an advocate for the benefits of financial health on a broader spectrum. 

I have done my own work in the area of financial health and know that coming from a divorced, Catholic, lower-income family, shaped my money messages in early adulthood that left me feeling overwhelmed, confused, and without a clear path forward. Through challenging these money messages as well as general and self-education, I now have the hindsight to say that personal finance/money is not hard and does not require a certain degree. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

I recognize the economic disparities and systemic racism inherent in our society as well as the financial systems that reinforce these disparities. As a small business, I value diversity, equity, and inclusion as a pathway to advance economic justice through increasing financial narratives, literacy, and behavior change. I do this by creating dynamic services, products, resources, tools, and partnerships, that aim to be supportive and inclusive of all persons of color, gender, race, and ability. This approach, in turn, allows clients a customized platform to grow, gain strength, and find peace in their relationship with money. My business is always a work in progress and if I don't feel I can meet your needs, I will refer you on to someone more suitable.

My ongoing personal commitment to diversity is to be a better human through curiosity and self-growth. I recognize the privilege I have had in access to education, travel, and work experiences. I continually look for and invite experiences outside of my frame of reference to acknowledge and examine my biases, listen to different voices, and seek out different perspectives. 


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Together in Financial Health

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