Mindful Money Conversations: Premarital Agreements Bundle


Hi. My name is Mariah and I work with couples to feel connected, clear, and confident about their financial health and well-being by providing therapy, consulting, and coaching services.

Heading for the alter? 

If you are a couple considering or engaged to be married and have either talked about or thought about a premarital agreement, know that premarital agreements: 

  • are becoming more and more common
  • protect couples both financially and emotionally
  • act as a preventative tool to navigating financial decisions in your marriage
  • lead to increased marital unity and satisfaction.
Taking Charge 

My mission with the Premarital Agreement Bundle is to protect couples both financially AND emotionally through relaxed and thoughtful facilitated money conversations. I even make it fun!

My goal at the end of our sessions is for you as a couple to feel financially connected to each other, clear on your thoughts and wishes, and confident to meet with your attorney to complete the prenuptial agreement. 

Why not just go to a Prenuptial Attorney?

1. Attorneys are partial, meaning they can only act in the best interest of one person. Meeting with me beforehand, I will be able to facilitate an impartial discussion to ensure both parties are heard, understood, and their wishes identified so that conversations flow with your attorney.  

2. Money is emotional and having a supportive, skilled financial health and well-being facilitator will lead to increased understanding, communication skills, and trust as you navigate money in the relationship. 

3. Attorneys want/wish clients to have these conversations prior to meeting with them as their primary role is the legal Agreement rather than facilitating the financial conversations.

4. Working on money conversations prior is a financial and emotional investment in your marriage. The less time you spend with an attorney  is more money for you!



Discussions will cover how you will handle: 

  • premarital assets and debts
  • post-marital assets and debts
  • money management
  • credit and debt
  • working
  • spousal support

Mindful Money Conversations: Premarital Agreement Bundle Includes: 

  • 2 x 90 minute sessions
  • Facilitated discussion on key prenuptial agreement questions
  • I Thee Wed Fillable e-Workbook



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Want to design your financial life?

Financially Healthy Couples Program


If the idea of the prenuptial conversation makes you nervous or makes you feel like, "hmm, maybe we should get a game plan together to rock our financial future", or, if you want to spend some time deep diving into emotions and money, consider doing my Financially Healthy Couples Program.

The Financially Healthy Couples Program helps couples establish the financial narrative for their relationship including learning about each other's money history, beliefs, and values around money. You will learn new to set values and goals as well as navigate conflicts or differences of opinion. Finally, you will establish healthy money management practices such as net worth tracking, savings and spending plans and money dates to grow financial wealth and well-being. 

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