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Specializing in supporting parents on their wealth & wellbeing journey so you and your children can lead richer, fuller, and more satisfying lives. 


Your financial balance isn't what you want it to be.



There are so many things you want to experience and achieve in life, how does it all come together?  



Your money is complicated. It hasn't prepared you to build wealth confidently.



With the abundance of information available to you, conflicting messages about wealth building also abound. 




Market or economy uncertainties are a thing.  You don't want to make the wrong decisions.



Your generation has unique struggles. Past generations offer advice, but it's not helpful or applicable to your life or goals. 


You have debt or family financial or caregiving commitments to navigate. 




You have or want a family.  You value that they become successful with money.



Home prices have significantly increased significantly, you want homeownership to be within reach.




You want to pass on your wealth to loved ones but have no financial or estate plan in place.




Although positive intentions are in place, you may experience communication issues, conflicts, or family dynamics that could create barriers to building wealth. 



You or your family may experience issues related to financial dependence or financial enabling.



Emotionally, the confusion, overwhelm, lack of clarity, procrastination, or conflict is starting to take its toll. Practically, time is slipping away from you. 



It doesn't have to be this way. 


I'm Mariah.


Nice to Meet you. 



Let's build wealth & wellbeing together... 


I am so glad you are taking a step towards building wealth and wellbeing as well as chosen me to guide you on this journey.


Building wealth and wellbeing through generations can seem complex and challenging. Wealth is personal, unique, and relative to where you came from. Equally, building wealth can feel overwhelming, confusing, and stressful.


Even more so, how do you adapt or adjust to your wealth whether you build it or if it is transferred to you through generational wealth?  


There is a stigma talking about money, especially wealth, as well as a lack of framework to build a healthy relationship with money for individuals, couples, and families which leaves us overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious thus impacting our wellbeing.


I am here to break that silence and cut through the overwhelm by providing a welcoming and shameless space wherever you are on your financial journey. I want to support you to live a rich, fuller, and more satisfying life for you, your family or your business.


My unique skillset in psychology and finance allows me to offer you:

- therapeutically, neuro, and trauma informed services

- wealth identification

- core money values

- values based mindset work

- communicating about money

- conflict resolution support

- financial life stages 

-- modeling and adaptations to parenting 

-- family financial skill building

- wealth culture integration

- adjusting to wealth

- navigating entitlement

- cultivating gratitude

- sudden wealth transfer

- business and personal financial management 



I look forward to accompanying you and your family on this journey towards building and harnessing wealth & wellbeing. Scroll down to see how we can work together.

Mariah's New E-Book!

Talking about finances in your relationship is challenging. This e-guide helps couples start talking about money in a healthy way by building a FINANCIAL RHYTHM in their relationship.

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"First, this is just what my husband & I needed. We just wed and decided to form a partnership 2 years ago, but after being independent and managing my finances on my own for most of my adult life, brought challenges in my marriage. We are not done with it yet as we’re really making an effort to fully make complete use of this handbook by applying it into our daily lives. What I found most helpful, is that at the end of each chapter, you give the counseling tips on how to converse and handle each topic; this really makes for our conversation to be more effective and worthwhile. Overall, I recommend this to new couples like us, who are learning how to manage joint finances." - Anna P.

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Premarital Financial Wellbeing Coaching

You deserve to feel financially safe and secure in your relationship. Work with me to start to build your financial and emotional balance in your relationship. Join other couples who are seeking premarital financial wellbeing coaching before money becomes an issue.

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 Financial Life Coaching 

You deserve to have a rich and satisfying relationship with money. Join others who are utilizing therapeutically informed financial coaching  to help you think, feel, behave, and communicate differently about money.


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Financial  Wellness

Are you going through a life transition such as divorce, job loss, career change or chronic illness and feel financially unbalanced? Join others building their financial resilience in a group or retreat setting.


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Services are offered virtually or in-person. You can choose from nature based or walk and talk sessions if in-person. 


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"My goal when first working with Mariah was to understand why it felt like money slipped through my fingers. Throughout the process, I was able to initiate and maintain a budget, reduce our spending by 1/3, increase our income, and most importantly achieve a feeling of financial control". 


Deborah F. 

"I wasn't sure what type of assistance my husband and I needed in order to be on the same page about money. Finding Mariah opened up so many doors for learning and feeling empowered about our money. We now have a spending plan and talk and make decisions about our financial health on a monthly basis".


Sarah and Grant G. 

"Mariah is excellent at facilitating productive communication around the practical and emotional facets of our financial health. She is able to listen to and interpret our individual experiences in a way that is incredibly encouraging and eye-opening. We left the session feeling more attune to each other as a couple, and more empowered to use our finances as a tool in strengthening our vision of our future together".


YA and JA 



"Working with Mariah, I realized I was rushing into a house, which is good because I definitely was haha now I'm really just grateful for everything I already have in my life, and keep an eye on my spending as to not put myself in any precarious situations moving forward".



Mike G.

Generational Wealth: The Ultimate Blueprint for Success

Feb 13, 2024

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