Money scripts and Realtors

Money Scripts and Realtors

financial wellness Jul 08, 2023

Knowing your money scripts can be highly beneficial for a real estate agent in several ways. This blog post aims to define money scripts and how they can support the client-agent relationship in real estate.


Money Scripts


Money scripts are unconscious beliefs formed in childhood. They are both direct and indirect messages we receive about money from our parents, other significant people in our lives, society as a whole, or from our circumstances, gender, and/or religion. These messages are internalized, formed on a deep, primal level, and become part of our world view or “schema”.  They can be strong statements that often contain words like “always”, never, should ought and only.


Furthermore, money scripts are often incomplete, conflicting, or partial truths. They are often unexamined, are contextual, reinforced, generational, and ultimately can limit our choices and can impact financial behaviors as well as impact our financial health. Research indicates that we understand concepts about money from the age of 3 and that our money habits are mostly formed by age 7. Ultimately, it is important to examine our money scripts, challenge and change them to interrupt destructive financial patterns and promote financial health. 


 Self-Awareness and Personal Growth


Understanding your money script helps you gain self-awareness about your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors related to money. Real estate agents who are aware of their money scripts can identify any potential limitations or biases they may have when it comes to financial decisions, negotiations, or setting commission rates. This awareness allows agents to work on personal growth and develop a healthier and more productive relationship with money.


Client Interactions and Communication


Real estate agents often work closely with clients throughout the buying or selling process. Being aware of your money script can help you understand and empathize with clients who may have different money scripts. This awareness enables you to tailor your communication and approach to better meet their needs, address their concerns, and build trust and rapport.


Knowing your money script can impact how you approach pricing and negotiations as a real estate agent. Different money scripts may influence your comfort level with pricing properties or engaging in negotiation tactics. Understanding your own script can help you navigate these situations with confidence and make informed decisions that align with your values and professional ethics.


Financial Goal Setting and Business Planning


Real estate agents often set financial goals for their business, such as income targets, savings objectives, or investment plans. Your money script can influence your attitudes towards setting and achieving these goals. By understanding your money script, you can identify any potential obstacles or self-sabotaging behaviors that may hinder your financial success. This knowledge allows you to develop strategies and mindset shifts to align your goals with your money script in a way that supports your success.


Mindset and Resilience


Real estate can be a highly competitive and unpredictable industry. Knowing your money script can help you develop a resilient mindset and cope with the financial ups and downs that may come with the profession. By understanding your script, you can address any limiting beliefs or fears around money, adopt a growth mindset, and cultivate a positive attitude towards financial challenges. This mindset shift can contribute to your long-term success and overall well-being as a real estate agent.




Knowing your money script as a real estate agent can provide valuable insights into your own beliefs and behaviors around money. This self-awareness can enhance your client interactions, improve communication, influence pricing and negotiation strategies, aid in financial goal setting, and foster a resilient mindset. By leveraging this knowledge, real estate agents can navigate their business more effectively and build a healthier relationship with money.

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Mariah Hudler, MSW, MBA, CFT-Iā„¢ is a therapeutically informed financial wealth & wellbeing coach. She works with individuals, couples, families, entrepreneurs, groups, and organizations to make Wealth & Wellbeing a joyful part of life.

Disclaimer:Ā This blog is for education only. PleaseĀ consult with aĀ qualified professional when you have any questions about your personal financial, tax, or legal situation. Information contained in this post is for informational purposes only and not intended to replace professional advice.

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