Go from financially apart to financially together. 

Are you wanting to get financially intimate with your partner and don't know where to start?


Do you want to set yourself up for financial success but are overwhelmed at the thought of working with a financial planner or adviser?


Or, are you fearful of the high divorce rate related to money issues and want to work on financial compatibility?


Or, are you in a partnership where you couldn't be more different in how you approach money? Do you put off important money conversations in hopes that it will sort itself out? 


 If yes, let me help!

 Where it all begins


In relationships, there is love and there are dreams - maybe travel, homeownership, philanthropy, building a family, or living debt free - yet there is the voice in the background that nudges you and says, "I'm not sure how to get there, it sounds great but how do we get there" or "I really wish we were on the same page about money" or "I don't think I had the best money role models growing up, how can we do things differently?". 


Having different views on money is absolutely normal and does not mean that you are not compatible. However, what I have seen as well as what research indicates, over and over, is not communicating intentionally (having a plan) can lead to misunderstandings, resentment, trust issues, and fighting that can can erode your relationship. 


But, you are here because you want to be intentional about the role of money in your relationship.


You're in the right place. 

Trust, Transparency, Security


Imagine a relationship where you speak openly and freely about money thus reducing stress, frustration, and misunderstandings.

You are able to identify key points in each others past related to money including each others first money memories, the role of money in each others families, and what is important to spend on. You have even shared your fears about money.

Heck, you actually find it fun to talk about money because you are transparent about debt, savings, and your short and long-term goals. And, you have the systems in place to help you reach and celebrate your goals.

Say goodbye to feeling stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated or nervous and hello to increased relationship and life satisfaction. 

Let me help you build financial intimacy, safety, security, and wealth into your relationship. 

See below how to work with me: 


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Premarital financial counseling


The most important money you can spend

Ideal for premarital or early commitment couples looking to design their financial life together.  

 8 x 1 hour coaching sessions that cover: 

* Successful couples financial checklist

* 3 Money and emotions assessments

* Essential Money Communication Tools

* Financial tools

* Custom wealth enhancement tools

* Accountability and e-mail support between coaching sessions. 

* Option to customize sessions to cover facilitated discussions around hot topics such as prenuptial agreements, insurance, financial independence, and financial pitfalls. 

- Option to complete a financial plan with a emotionally informed Certified Financial Planner.


Work with me

By the end of counseling you will:


have created a couples financial wellbeing plan through increased intangibles such as connection to your partner, clarity around how to navigate money as a couple, and how to view money as a tool not a stress in your relationship.

As well, you will have tangibles such as money management tools to track your net worth, money, debt, goals, and a handy financial health schedule to keep you accountable.

Features of premarital financial counseling include:


Money Mindset

  • How to navigate money conversations.
  • Your money story and how to use it to shape your narrative going forward. 
  • Your money beliefs and how to align them with positive financial health. 
  • You and your partner's money values.

Money Management

  • Options for combining finances.
  • Financial goal setting.
  • Options for and completing a savings and spending plan.
  • Options for debt management. 
  • How to navigate money conflicts.

Financial Health and Wealth

  • How to design your Financial Wellbeing Plan
  • Identify key systems and scheduling tools.
  • Sustain wealth socially and emotionally.


If you haven't heard of me before here is why I am qualified to help help you. 


My name is Mariah and I am a Certified Financial Therapist (CFT-I™) and Financial Wellbeing Coach who has been working with couples to build their financial and emotional balances in their relationships for the last 5 years.

My qualifications and experience span 20 years in human development, psychology, sociology, mental health, and business.

Beyond my qualifications and experience, my passion is the intersection of money and emotions. It is a privilege to combine my experience and passion to provide you an intentional and transformational program that is backed by research and best practice. I, too, use this program as a guide for achieving financial independence.

We have been working at it for 6 years and have 3 more to go! Ask me more about our journey! 

Premarital financial counseling is for you if you...

  • you want to invest in your relationship to avoid money pitfalls
  • are forward thinking about using money as a tool to enhance your wealth and life satisfaction
  • are on different money pages with your partner; or
  • are unsure how to navigate money conversations.
  • are feeling stuck, frustrated, or resentful about how money is handled in your relationship and both want to do things differently. 
  • want to reduce the chance of misunderstanding, conflict, or trust issues related to money in your relationship.
  • want to be intentional with your financial health and wealth.
  • are early in your commitment, pre-marital, or early in your marriage and want to design your financial life together!
  • or, are well set in your marriage and want to re-design your financial life together and both are committed to do so. 

Is premarital financial counseling right for you right now?




  • Prevention is key. I love this quote by Neelie Kroes, "I can only encourage everyone to take a close look at their practices. Prevention is always better than cure". 


  • Counseling is a small investment with many, many years of return on investment.


  • Counseling is 99% cheaper than divorce.


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